Snow & Ice Removal and Snow Routes

See a map of Lexington’s Emergency Snow Routes below.

Lexington Snow and Ice Removal

Winter weather season is here and the City would like to remind citizens of the following points related to snow removal.

Property owners are required to remove snow and ice from sidewalks abutting their property, within 48 hours of the snowfall. Removal of snow and ice from sidewalks not only ensures safe passage for pedestrians (including school children), but also limits liability. Someone who sustains injuries from slipping on ice might claim their injuries resulted from property owner neglect.

Please remember that snow and ice removed from your property is not to be placed into the street. Instead move it to non-paved areas.

The City needs the cooperation of all citizens as we work to remove snow and ice from the streets. Citizens are encouraged to listen to local radio stations or read the local newspaper (including online) for announcements of possible Snow Emergency situations where substantial snowfall is experienced or anticipated.

In times of a declared Snow Emergency, parking along streets in the designated Snow Emergency Route is prohibited. Commercial Areas may also be included (see Snow Route Map). Citizens living along these routes are encouraged to comply with the prohibition and move their vehicles from the street.

In addition, during a Snow Emergency, parking in the Downtown area is prohibited. In non-emergency times, citizens are still encouraged to move their parked vehicles off of the street in a reasonable period of time after snowfall to allow City crews access to remove the snow and ice. Information regarding the removal of snow in your area of the City can be obtained by contacting Tom Nelson, Community Services Director, at 308-324-5995.

The City of Lexington would like to reiterate that snow and ice removal is important for vehicular traffic as well as pedestrian traffic. Please take the time to do your part to keep our streets and sidewalks safe.

Please take the time to do your part to keep our streets and sidewalks safe. The City of Lexington thanks everyone for their cooperation and prompt attention to this issue.