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Cooling System Tune-Up Rebate

Cooling System Tune-Up Rebate

It’s not too soon! This is a simple way to lower electric bills and extend the life of your heat pump or air conditioner: consider getting a tune-up for your cooling system. We’ll give you $30 to do it!

How To Get Fined at the Yard Waste Site

How To Get Fined at the Yard Waste Site

People are getting fined for dumping illegally at the yard waste site on East Walnut, thanks to the security cameras there. Click here to find out what to dump if you want to get fined.

What Not to Flush

What Not to Flush

Many things put down a toilet or drain could clog your pipes or city sewers, which could then back up into your house. Click here for a list of common problem-causers. They may not cause an immediate clog, but could become part of a blockage over time.

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