Set Up Utilities

How do I set up electricity, water and sewer?


Here’s how to set up Utilities in Lexington.


Welcome to Lexington Utilities System


To start an account the customer must:

 Be 19 years old or older
 Present a valid US issued picture ID
 Provide a valid social security number
 Provide a current working phone number

Information and signature on the service order must be for the person financially responsible for payment on the account.

Service Deposit must be paid in full at time of application for service. Service deposit for residential service is $250. Commercial service deposits are based on previous and/or future customer utility needs. We do not accept letters of credit. Deposits may be returned after 24 consecutive on-time payments are made or when the account is closed. Deposits do not earn interest.

Bills are mailed the same day they are processed. Bills are due upon receipt and delinquent 15 days after the billing date. Monthly billing amounts are to be paid in full. If not, service may be
disconnected and a fee charged to the customer. 

Customers may sign up to receive their bills via email.
We have several payment options available.


Pay A Bill
How to pay a bill in Lexington

Set Up Utilities
How to set up utilities in Lexington

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