City Service Building Open Saturday Morning

For the summer (through October), on the third Saturday of each month, the Glenn Hawks Community Service Building will be open 8 AM to noon. The Service Building (City Yard) at 801 West Vine Street, is where you can recycle corrugated cardboard, plastics and paper. You can also dispose of metal, appliances, furniture, wood scraps, and other items (some for a small nominal fee). We do not accept paint, oil, chemicals and construction debris. Click here for a comprehensive overview of recycling and disposal locations.

Household trash and furniture may be brought to the Service Building and disposed of for a minimal fee.  We will accept small loads of wood but full truckloads or trailer loads must be taken to the Landfill 10 miles north on Highway 21 during the hours of Monday – Friday 7:30 – 4:00.

One dollar is charged for the disposal of appliances.  Most metal products and bikes can be disposed of at no charge.

There are recycling bins for CLEAN CORRUGATED CARDBOARD: please empty boxes, break them down and flatten.

PLASTIC:……..Only recyclable plastic can be put in the recyclable containers.  You can tell it’s recyclable if it has a recycle triangle with a number in the middle.  All other plastic must be put in the green dumpsters

PAPER:……..This includes newspaper, magazines and phone books

We DO NOT accept Hazardous Waste Materials such as Lawn chemicals, Household Cleaning Chemicals or Paint.   Watch for a Household Hazardous Waste collection in the fall.

No construction debris is allowed such as shingles, drywall or concrete

All tree limbs, grass and garden debris must be taken to the Yard Waste Site at 1202 East Industry Road (new location).  Fines will be issued for those disposing of furniture, mattresses or wood (anything not considered yard waste).


Cardboard: Please break down so we can get as much as possible in each load taken to the recycling center.

Thank you.


Jun 15 2024


8:00 am - 12:00 pm