May Walking & Biking Tip

Mindful Walking

“Mindful Walking” combines elements of walking and meditation. Here are some examples:
Say “Om” or some other repeated phrase that works for you. A four-beat phrase has a natural rhythm, with phrases such as “moving, breathing,” or “I am healthy, I am healing.” Choose words that are most meaningful to you.
Be Deliberate – Think about every aspect of your foot movement: lifting the heel, the middle of your foot and then the toes.
Walk On A Circular Path – The spiral pattern, which is repeated in nature (think of a seashell, for example), and the act of walking toward a central goal, are thought to play a role. Repeating a short loop on a nature trail may help you achieve the same calming effect.
Take Deep Breaths – Try visualizing energy with your breathing: You’re breathing in fresh air, a new day, a different attitude; you’re breathing out everything that’s stale, old and tired.