Honor a Vet with a Commemorative Brick

If you don’t have a veteran in your life to honor, forward this to someone you know.

Here’s a link to the donor website: https://donate.brickmarkers.com/lex

As a lasting tribute to veterans in our lives, the Lexington Veterans Memorial Committee has found a great way to demonstrate your support of America’s veterans in a special and permanent way.  You now have the opportunity to purchase a commemorative brick which can be inscribed in honor or in memory of a veteran of your choosing.

These bricks will be cemented into the Memorial Wall at Lexington’s new Veterans Pavilion at the south end of Kirkpatrick Memorial Park, accessible from East 7th Street. Each 4” x 8” brick sells for $100.  Please note this request from the Veterans Committee: the memorialized veteran and/or purchaser must have some tie to Lexington. They do not necessarily have to be born and raised here – it’s also okay to have lived here at some time, or is related to someone who fits this guideline.

Each brick will have three lines, up to 20 characters per line, including spaces. The first line will be the veteran’s name in all capital letters. The second line, upper- and lower-case, will be the veteran’s rank. The third line, also upper-and lower-case, gives the veteran’s branch of the military, and his or her entry and discharge dates.

The bricks will be cemented randomly on the Veterans Pavilion Memorial Wall, 1,128 bricks per side, for a total of 2,256 bricks. If you have two veterans you want to ensure appear together, there’s an option of purchasing an 8” x 8” (double height) brick, on which two names, ranks and branch can be engraved. These square bricks cost $200 each.

The process is simple: fill out the form at https://donate.brickmarkers.com/lex, and remit your payment. If you are unsure of your veteran’s information, don’t worry. The Veterans Committee has access to military records.  They will review all submissions and make sure the information is correct.  They may also apply military-approved abbreviations, if necessary.

Thank you for supporting our local heroes!